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  • Dash Covers
    Dash Tex, Camo, Carpet, Velour & Suede Velour
  • Car Covers
    Weathershield, Semi-Custom, and Universal
  • Floor Mats
    Great Brands Like: Weather Tech, Husky, Introtech & Lloyd.
  • Bras & Bug Deflectors
    Colgan, LeBra, Covercraft, Weathertech, and Many other Great Brands!
  • Window Shades, Spring Shades & Snow Shades
    Keep Your car cool, your dash beautiful, And your windshield frost and snow free!





Dash Covers

In Stock and ready to ship to your door, or  install!
We manufacture dash covers & we have them in stock and ready to go!

Camo dash covers for the sporting enthusiast! Seriously beautiful mossy oak, or other camos available for all year, makes and models! 

 Dash Tex fabric is a new textured material that simply looks like it belongs in your car.  Dashtex resembles the new style textured look of the new dashes.  Available in black, charcoal, oak and light gray, this is the way to go for your new truck, SUV or car.

These velour style custom fit dash covers are very popular, available in all the factory matching colors- black, graphite,  burgundy, ocean blue, dark blue, sand, carmel, light gray, charcoal, taupe, brown and oak.  The velour lays very nicely on the dash and is more popular than the traditional carpet style.


Match the color of the dash with the traditional carpet style dash cover. The dash is a dark color to cut down on the reflection in the window. A dash cover, is the best UV protection you can give the dash of your vehicle.

These original carpet style dash covers above, have a life-time warranty. The carpet style is considered the traditional dash cover; originally the carpet style was the only fabric available. Carpet style looks nice on new, and older cars and trucks.


Suede velour dash covers add the look of suede to the dash, usually a popular choice on the European sports cars. This is a newer fabric that has been available for a few years, and adds a look of luxury to a newer vehicle.







We're direct dealers with Weathertech and Huskyliners

We can guarantee you will receive your products quickly!


Many options are available for your car...  

Introtech has a very nice selection of rubber mats available for trucks, cars, vans and SUV's, as well as carpeted mats.  Their rubber mats are great for the mud, custom-fit with a hexagon shaped water trapping tread.  Available in black, tan, gray and clear, these rubber mats are custom made for all makes and models.  A clear plastic mat is also available, to fit over carpeted mats for protection against moisture.   With more options than any floor mat manufacturer in custom shapes and sizes, rubber or plastic all weather mats, Beverly Hills designer mats, oriental, leopard and tiger or their plush carpeted mats with vehicle logos.  They also carry those hard to find sisal, Berber and coco mats.  

Lloydmats are known for  luxury and quality.  Lloyd manufactures thick beautiful carpeted mats with logos and initials available, as well as, a berber floor mat and a rubber custom mat.  Therubbertite-gray, black, tan and clear, rubber mats by Lloyd are cut for all makes and models.  Lloyd mats have applications for trunks and cargo areas as well.  These are the perfect mats to dress up and protect!

WeatherTech floor liners are a great option for keeping the floor spotless.  These liners have a sleek design that traps moisture, while completely covering every inch of the floor.  Available for front, middle, back and cargo, for most vehicles in gray, black or tan.  




We've got you covered with many varieties of custom and universal seat covers, both front and rear seats available!
Blondie's has the largest selection of all kinds of seat covers!   Sheepskins to Purple Cheetah- we've got you covered!

Available styles are:

Cordura tailor-made (as seen above) for easy care and extreme durability,
 these are kid and pet friendly, and so easy to clean.  These cordura seats are available
in car, truck or van seats, front and back seats available. Beautiful  fit and a variety of colors.  These seat covers have a nice map book backing just like your car seat.  
We also carry Iveco, Peterbilt, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Sterling
Semi-truck air-ride seats also available

Velour tailor-made seat covers, which look very similar to the actual factory
seats, and are pet and child friendly, as well as easy to clean. These are available in tan, oak, black, charcoal, blue and burgundy.  These look like the actual seat when installed.  Velour covers are also available in universal style at very reasonable pricing.

Neoprene seat covers are available in custom and universal; they are perfect for the water sports enthusiast – kayaking, skiing, surfing – as they are waterproof.  These covers come in a custom or universal style. Many color options are available including beautiful Hawaiian prints, camo and numerous solid colors.

NFL What is your favorite team?  Our NFL seat covers are a big hit with sports enthusiasts, available in custom made or universal. The NFL mats, seat covers, hitch plugs and steering wheel covers show your team spirit!

Saddle blanket seat covers, custom or universal

Vinyl seat covers are perfect for those with pets, durable and long lasting, these seat covers are awesome!  Washable and they look like a leather interior, great for those with pets as the hair falls to the bottom of the seat! 

Go Hawaiian!

Hawaiian print seat covers (front and back available)  are fun, washable and make you feel like you just got back from a tropical vacation!  We carry Hawaiian prints in neoprene, denim and a poly cotton fabric.

Denim for a durable pet-proof seat cover (front and back available). Denim now comes in a variety of camo, as well as solid colors.  This style seat cover is great for pet hair; it does not stick to the seats.  These are custom made for all makes and models.

Southwestern seat covers made from a poly-cotton with a comfortable padding.  This is a popular choice in the Southwest and is available for all makes and models.  These can be made custom or universal, and are available in black, burgundy, tan, blue and gray (as seen above).

Camo seat covers, matching spare tire covers- available! Our line of real tree™ Camo comes in a denim and our six hundred stitches per inch cordura material.  These prints are available in hardwoods AP gray, hardwoods green, mossy oak, basic camo, pink real tree, apg, AP snow and new digi- camo.  We have the largest camo selection available in the Cordura or cloth.  Email me for pictures at coverlady@aol.com

Sport style
seat covers allow the AC pass through on many new vehicle seats and they just look nice and sporty, and can be combined with camo prints!

Many different styles of dog seat covers are available, from cargo pads to pet pads depending on your pooch's needs. 

Custom pet pads are available for 60/40 split benches.  Instead of a full bench cover, 40% pad coverage is available, to discuss your individual needs contact coverlady@aol.com.

Sheepskin  seat covers add the utmost luxury for any vehicle.  Blondie's has the largest selection of all sheepskin Australian seat covers in the South West.  Free installation or free shipping!  We have all sheepskins and sheepskin front synthetic backed skins as well.  We have sheepskins available for all year, make, model vehicles, motorhomes too!  The sheepskin front wool back "super-fit" style are affordable and give you the comfort of sheepskin at a lesser price.  We also have "double-cap" style, these are all sheepskin.  All colors available, tailor- mades in stock as well!
Solid velour
 colors are available in universal or custom seat covers.  These seat covers give basic protection for your vehicle interior.

Animal prints are all the rage!  They are wild and fun, available in gray, tan cheetah, purple, pink and white and black zebra, black and white cow, tiger,  and tan or gray leapard prints.  These can be made custom or universal, and have been increasingly popular.  Matching floor mats, steering wheel covers and seat belt pads are also available!


Truck, Van, SUV & Car Covers

Weather Shield car covers - Perfect for the snow and the weather we get  in the South West.  Weather Shield developed for intense sun environments, has proven it's strength in heavy snow and high winds.  Super durable fabric, the most long lasting and best protection for your car.

Semi-custom car, truck and SUV covers fit almost as well as custom fit covers but are easier on the pocket book.  We have got you covered for the conditions in the southwest.  Rain, sun, dust, debris or snow these covers hold up to all the harsh conditions. 

Universal car covers are also available and perfect for the car you drive.  Many reasonable options for cars, SUV's and trucks.

Bras, Bug Deflectors & Shades


Colgan Car Bras protect the front end like no other car bra. Long road trips are not a problem when you have the protection of this product.  These front masks protect agains chips from rocks and other debris.  The incredibly sporty look is an added feature, as you can still open up the hood and check the oil.  This product has keeps the front end looking nice and is made for each year, make and model.

Bug and Window Deflectors

Weathertech Bug Deflectors are the way to go for your new truck, car or SUV!  These deflectors cut down on rock chips and bugs on the front window!  They are designed to keep debris off the front windshield and made of durable lexan plastics, made for each year, make and model. 

The Custom Accordian Shade

Custom Accordion Shades -
these fit beautifully and connect and adhere to the window, from side to side.  The accordian-style custom shade stretches accross the window and hooks into plastic mounting hardware that is adhered to the other side of the windshield. 

Spring Shades

Spring Loaded Sunshades are the answer to the hot summer sun.  These shades are available
in five different sizes.  If you have had any difficulty in getting a shade to fit, look no further. 
These shades are available for the new vehicles with the large windshields, cars, trucks, vans,
SUV's, mini-vans, step vans, and motorhomes.  This is a one piece collapsible unit, it will contract to 1/10th the windshield size for easy storage.

Accordian Shades

Original Style Accordian shades are available for trucks and cars, they are an economical and colorful way to keep out the summer sun.

Snow Shades

No more scraping Frost Shades are available in a  universal car size and a universal  truck size.  This product is a must in the winter, it keeps the snow and frost off the front windshield.  It will allow you a quick commute in the morning, time spent clearing the glass is almost completely eliminated.  Elastic band holds shade tight at the base over the mirrors, and convenient elastic and velcro fasten insiide the vehicle by the rear view mirror, making it more theft proof as you close the doors on the elastic straps.

The Custom Snow Shade by Introtech is an awesome way to keep the ice and snow off the front windshield.  As you can see, it is a perfect fit to the glass, so like the above product it keeps the snow and frost off, yet this one fits like a glove.   It is held in place by the bottom windshield wipers and has a strap that connects inside the vehicle.  These are made for every year, make and model and offer the very best in frost and snow protection.

Truck Stuff!



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